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How To Ignite Your Fire & Lock in your Purpose

There are some people that are going to live their entire life not knowing how powerful they are. They're going to live life questioning their purpose and never take the risk needed to get to a new level. 

That same person is going to be the one that makes all the sacrifice for other people and never for themselves. 

I can't allow you to live like this anymore...

This training is going to shift that mindset for you.

This is a transformational 6 part video series where I take you through a journey of building a foundation to success.  

The first three videos of the Bootcamp, we will be focusing on Igniting the Fire that already exist in you.  

The last three videos enable you to lock in on your purpose and create a momentum towards achieving success in your passion, ideas, and talents. I'm going to give you steps I took to go from losing my home and living in a basement, to now being a full-time entrepreneur and having my wife quit her job. 

Upon Completion of this training you will:

  • Know how to create a healthy enviorment for yourself, one that propels you to grow.
  • Know how to Identify your purpose and get lazer focus on it.
  • Know the principles needed to brake through to your next level.

  Price - $27 Today- $19

I'm Ready To Ignite My Fire & Lock In My Purpose

How To Overcome Your Insecurities & Self Doubt

It's too often that you're at a stalemate with yourself. You have a desire for more and you know you're worthy of more, but you're stuck in your in the same place year after year. You're stuck thinking about, "What if I fail", "What if I get rejected", "How will they look at me", or even questioning whether this is just how your life was meant to turn out. 

Your insecurities and Self doubt have cost you enough, and it's time to take control.

No matter how much you know, how good your brand is, or how saucey your website is, if you can't overcome YOU, then you're going to remain stuck at your current level.

I created this training for you! This is meant to break you free!

Upon completing this training you will know:

  • How to create belief not only in yourself, but also in the purpose that is on your life.
  • How to replace your negative self talk with empowerement.
  • How to overcome the habits and triggers that have kept you hostage.
  • How to optimize your current envioroment for growth.

Price - $27 Today- $19

Identifying Your Target Audience

Until you know who you're talking, you will continue to not talk to anyone. In order for you to reach people you must learn how to niche and target the right people. You will learn that everyone has their own launguage. 

When you learn the audience you're trying to attract , you can become fluent in their language, and your voice will become more valueable to them.

Upon completing this training you will know:

  • How to identify your target audience.
  • How to get them to listen to you and make your voice valuable.
  • How to become fluent in their language.
  • How to create a the perfect product for that audience.

Price - $47 Today- $19

How To Separate Yourself In A Crowded Market

Suggested Prerequisite- Strongly suggest you know who, or how to identify your target audience prior to this training.

Once we understand who our target audience is, it's important that we understand how to separate ourselves from the other brands that are also trying to talko our audience. This allows you to attract people to your brand and have their undivided attention. 

I find that a lot of entrepreneurs just start selling and they fall into the trap of sounding and looking like everyone else. This is a cycle that you do not want to find yourself in, because now you find yourself looking desperate and chasing customers.

Upon completing this training you will know:

  • How to become the hunted amongst your target audience.
  • How to attract higher-end customers and clients.
  • How to Stand out & Separate yourself from everyone else.
  • How to to start attracting people to your brand and creating the ultimate awareness.

Price - $47 Today- $19ity

Dream it. Build it. Live it.

How To Build Your Authority & Dominate Your Niche

Suggested Prerequisite- Strongly suggest you know how to stand out in a crowded market before this training. You should know your audience and be able to grab their attention before attempting to become the authority to them. You will be ignored.

Aliright, so you You know your audience, but do you understand the process of getting them to forget about all other brands and come to you.

We too often try to sell products to an audience, but there is a problem, they dont see you as a viable option yet. Your brand has not been stained in their mind, and there for they're not even considering buying from you.

You might get interaction on social media, but you're not seeing the fruit from those people.

Here is the great part, we can fix this problem. I'm going to give you the exact steps to creating the type of authority that builds your auhtority with your market and makes them show interest in buying.

Upon completing this training you will know:

  • How to build authority with your target audience and get them to see you as the expert.
  • My specific strategy that brands your target audience subconcious.
  • How to get your target audience to think of you when they have the problem you solve.
  • My 4 P's to dominating your niche and becoming the go-to brand and getting your audience to interact with your content and share it with their communities.

Price - $67 Today- $19

How To Create Content To Get Sales

Suggested Preriquisite- I highly suggest the trainings on how to build your authority and how to stand out in a crowd.

I see a lot of entreprenuers stuck putting out content but it's not leading to sales. This can become discouraging because you're doing what you know to do. You've been posting content, you've been interacting with the people, and working hard and yet you still aren't see the fruit of your labor.

We have to change that narrative in your life. I no longer want you to be ignored when it's time for people to buy. We want to prepare you to have your product and services craved.

Michael Jordan has people craving his product. Apple has people craving their products. You can create a similar vibe for your product.

It's all about how you position yourself and the experience you create with your content online.

In this training I'm going to show you:

  • Exactly what type of content ou should be posting in order to prep customers to purchase and not even realize its happening.
  • How often you should post your content and where.
  • How to use video and how to setup up the flow of the video to engage your audience.

Price - $67 Today- $19

Get Organic New Leads On Automation & Prep Them For Sales

Suggested Prerequisite- You should understand how to create content that leads to sales. Having that training under your belt will help you understand this prepping process that I'm going to take you through.

When you're building a business and a brand there is for sure ONE THING you must be able to do and that's get new leads. If you do not have a system for getting new leads, your business will suffer. 

Once you're able to get leads then there is a process for preparing those leads to purchase.purchase.

Upon completing this training you will know:

  • How to put together a step by step system to get organic leads on automation.
  • How to prepare those leads for sales.
  • How to get them off social media and into your own community
  • How to solidify your authority with your adience and hear more people telling you "yes" than "no".
  • How to set yourself up to sell and not have to be present for everyone.

Price - $97 Today- $19

How To Package Your Expertise & Present your offer

Suggested Preriquisite- You should understand how to get new leads before taking this training.

You have leads coming in. You've built your authority. You've been posting consitently, but you are still not seeing the sales come in like you want to. There is a reason for that. 

it has everything to do with how you're framing your offer. The way you've positioned yourself, your audience is still on the "Free Agent" list. They're still looking at other offers so it's hard for them to entertain yours. 

In this training I'm going to reveal how to shift the dynamics of that relationship.

Upon completion of this training you will know:

  • How to package your expertise in an offer for your target audience
  • The five products/services that every brand should have
  • How to frame your offer to where your audience sees your offer as the only and best choice for them.

Price - $97 Today- $19

How To Create a Successful Close & Get Paid

Suggested Prerequisite- You definitely want to know how to package your expertise and present your offer.

This is the area that business owners and brands pay the least amount of attention to. They get so caught in the videos, colors, logos, and all the perks that they offer, but that's not what gets people to make a decision.

So they finally pitch that offer, whether in person or online, and then are met with all type of objections that they did not see coming. 

Now they find themselves in a vulnerable situation where they're having to convince people to buy, and that's not where you want to find yourself.

In this training we're going to shift the roles and give you back the control.

Upon completing this training you will know:

  • How to properly set up a system to close out sales.
  • How to get your customers to open their wallet without hesitation & feel good about their decision.
  • How to overcome objections and not be blindsided by them when you ask for the sale.
  • How to create follow up procedures for your customers.

Price - $97 Today- $19

 Here Are Our Training Bundles

Bundle #1- "Skip It, Give Me All The Sauce!"

If I'm going ALL in, then you should be doing th same!

Right Now get all the trainings (close to $1000 value) for ONLY $97, that's a little over ten dollars per training. Ummm. Grab the Sauce, Here they are again:

  • Ignite Your Fire & Activate Your Purpose
  • Overcome Your Insecurities & Self Doubt
  • Identfying Your Target Audience
  • Building Authority and Dominating Your Niche
  • Separating Yourself From The Rest
  • Creating Content That Leads To Sales
  • Getting New Organic Leads On Automation
  • How To Package Your Expertise
  • How To Properly Close and Secure The Bag

Bundle #2- "Mild Sauce"

So maybe yout just want some mild sauce. So start with the first two trainings which are all about shifting your mindset and preparing you for the succes you desire.

Here are the trainings in the mild sauce undles:

  • Ignite Your Fire & Activate Your Purpose  
  • Overcome Your Insecurities & Self Doubt

Price- $38

Bundle #3 "Sweet and Spicy Sauce!"

I mean you can't go wrong with some sweat and spicy sause. You might say, I'm ready to start branding online and solidifying y auhtority. Then here you go.

Here are the trainings that come with the "Sweet and Spicy Sauce" Bundle:

  • Identfying Your Target Audience. 
  • Building Authority and Dominating Your Niche. 
  • Separating Yourself From The Rest. 
  • Creating Content That Leads To Sales.


Bundle #4 "Hot Sauce!"

Oh I get it, you want the HOT STUFF!

I will say that if you're going for this bundle, you're saying that you're already setup online and you are completely setup to start getting sales. 

If I were you, I would go ahead and get bundle #1, but I hear you.

Here are the trainings that come with the "Hot Sauce" Bundle:

  • Getting New Organic Leads On Automation.
  • How To Package Your Expertise.
  • How To Properly Close and Secure The Bag