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Ignite Your Fire & Lock in your Purpose is an intense video series where I take you through a journey of building a foundation to success for 6 days. This Bootcamp will come in the form of FREE motivational e-mails and videos. Each day is accompanied by a worksheet that will guide you through this process and help you create visual and actionable steps towards locking in your purpose. 

For the first three days of the Bootcamp, we will be focusing on Igniting the Fire that already exist in you.  

The last three days focusses on applying 3 principles that will enable you to lock in on your purpose and create a momentum towards achieving success in your passion, ideas, and talents. 

You will be introduced to the 6 principles and lifestyle changes that enabled me to go from losing my house and living in a basement, to living in my purpose.  


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Sneak Peak Inside The Boot Camp Below

"You've Just Been Surviving"

You've Just Been Surviving- Being stuck in a place in life where you're doing just enough to live, but not enough to progress to a new level.

In this video I reveal 3 types of survival modes that hinder progress in your purpose and how to be unleashed from them. Recognizing and getting out of survival mode is the first step to igniting the fire inside of you.

"Take Your Power Back"

Take Your Power Back - To regain the positivity, strength, and happiness that was stolen or removed from your life. 

I take you through the process of understanding what has been taken from your life, who took it, and how to get it all back.

"When Your Values Meet Your Why"

When Your Values Meet Your Why- Non-progressive behaviors

In this video I reveal the meaning of your behaviors and life decisions. I then review exactly how to change non-progressive behavior (procastination, laziness, lack of follow through, quitting, lack of focus, easily distracted, etc.) in order to create success. 

"The Michael Jordan Effect"

The Michael Jordan Effect- To have the ability to avoid all distractions and lock in on one purpose.

In this video I reveal the number 1 step you need to fully focus on your purpose and achieve maiximum greatness.

"Purge Your Circle"

Purge Your Circle- Remove people that are not as progressive as you in thinking and behavior.

In this video I reveal the 4 types of people that immediately need to be removed from your circle and why. I also identify the 4 types of people to replace them with.

"Steph Curry With The Shot Boy"

Steph Curry With The Shot Boy- the act of winning through preparation and effort.

In this video I reveal the ULTIMATE ACTION that you need to take in order to get un-STUCK, lock in on your purpose, and start creating WINNING results.

Still Here?...Well Allow Me To Intodruce myself!

I'm Words Taylor, Spoken Word Poet, Motivational Speaker, author, and Dream Builder. The titles I'm most proud of are: being a believer, husband, and father. I've been in the business of inspiring and igniting hope in people since 2004. I've traveled the country performing and even touch one of the biggest stages for speakers; the TEDex stage. I'm a Best Selling Author of the Book "Wake Up and Start Dreaming", and I'm passionate about serving people. 

I locked in on my purpose 4 Years ago when I had my wife and five month old daughter sleeping in the basement of a friend’s home after losing our house. We were caught in a cycle of going to “Check into Cash” frequently and constantly having lights and water cut off. I set us up to lose and we lost. 

 One of the hardest things that I had to understand is that I was a part of the problem. My insecurities were a part of the problem; my anger, resentment, and lack of effort in life were the problems. My success didn’t happen until I stopped searching for someone else to blame and realized that I have the power to take back control of my own life. 

My desire is that you understand how truly powerful you are. I desire that you know that the world has been stealing from you, and it’s time to Wake Up.

Join Me in My BootCamp as I walk you through Igniting your fire & Locking in Your Purpose.