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I Know Your Struggle Very Well...Sound Familiar?

  • You know you need to post content in order to grow your business, however you don't know where to start or what to say.
  • When you do put out content or go live people are not showing up or engaging like you desire.
  • You're starting to feel the overwhelm with trying balance putting out consistent content, making money in order to keep your business afloat, and living life in general.
  • Most of all you just wish there was an "EASY" button where someone would just tell you exactly what to post, when to post, and what to say.

    This challenge is the cure that you need in order to remove the stress & overwhelm, build your tribe, and start putting out content that gets sales.

Here Is What Past Challengers Had To Say:

Nayshea Rice - I watched my friend go through life coaching with Words Taylor lol That’s what it really was. He dropped so many gems during their time together that I had to enroll in the course and see what all the fuss was about! Words Taylor is high energy, a gifted and naturally encouraging personality. The challenge and community behind it was priceless and then he offered the workbook. The workbook was truly the “icing on the cake.” It was challenging to work a full workday but I looked forward to each evening when he would hand out the work. His courses showed me that I can follow and build my dreams. If you can dream it, he certainly can give you the tools to build it. 

Don’t hesitate to sign up for the content creation challenge and pick up the workbook. You won’t be sorry and you will learn something.

My experience with the content creation challenge has allowed me to have clarity when producing content for my clients.

Larry G. Williams III

My experience with the Challenge was amazing. It helped me focus right into what I needed to do to engage my audience. Next month I will be launching a project based of what I learned from the content. I couldn’t be more excited. Thank you Words for helping me structure my ideas. 

Rashon M Howard

The challenge pushed me to near my niche down, get a title for myself and put together a purpose statement. And start where I am. Serve my people with what I have.

Lisa Jones

The content challenge opened my eyes to why I am not getting results I want. Learning the strategies you taught has helped me to gain clarity on the type of post I put out, the emails I send out. My entire messaging is changing. I am revamping everything. Thank you for this, NOW it is not easy but this is going to be the Best hardest thing I ever do..LOL. I swear I go to bed with a headache everyday! Much Love To You Sir!

Jenifer Jay

I came into the challenge as a podcaster of random emotions, coming out I am a brand strategist using my podcast The Soul Boxin Show to tell The Soul Stories behind up and coming brands. Niche found, how to post resolved, and looking forward to executing the plan. Thanks Words Taylor

George Baskerville

The Content Creation Challenge was truly an eye opening experience. I've listen to others talk about it but none that walk you through it Step by Step and it was value every night. Oh yeah, it was for the free $0.99 and other haven't or don't. 

Oliver Green

So Here is the thing...

You can purchase likes, you can purchase views... however you can’t purchase shares, saves, and mentions. You can't purchase the trust needed for people to want to purchase your product or service.

This has to come from the relevancy of your content. Your content is a pivotal part of your business and an important part of the growth for your brand. Your content is the building block to increase your sales and get your business into profit.

I'm going to teach you how to create content that people look forward to engaging with, but also that prompted them to share it with their communities and on their pages.

There is a special way to do this, and I’m going to show you. Register below and let me show you how to create content that will increase your engagement, build your audience, and increase sales to your business.

Who is This Challenge For?

This Challenge is for you if you're an entrepreneur , business owner or influencer that wants to learn:

  • How to create content that will increase your engagement online.
  • How to use your content to increase your following and build your tribe.
  • How to position your content to get people to your sales page and actually purchase.

Here is your challenge at a Glance:

This live Challenge will run for five days, once you register you will get access to the private zoom link where we are hosting the challenge.

  • Video 1- "Get Clarity on Your Brand & Audience"
  • Video 2- "The Three Languages Your audience Needs to Hear in Order to Choose You"
  • Video 3- "The Five Types Of Content To Post to Increase Engagement and Retention"
  • Video 4- "The Online Sales Formula"
  • Video 5 - "The Content into Customer Formula"