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Dream Builder Nation is an online Learning platform for personal development led by Words Taylor. Inside Dream Builder Nation, you get access to Words Taylor, along with all of his proven tools, strategies, and resources you need to take control of your goals.

Let's Own Your Year: Here Are The Courses Included In Your Dream Builder Membership.

The Motivaional Boot Camp

Motivation | Inspiration | Freedom

Inside this Bootcamp you're getting the fierce Words Taylor that you've seen online. You get access to 6 of his Motivational Series that you will only find Right HERE! These series will motivate, inspire, and break you free of your mental deficit. Warning may cause extreme action taking! You will learn to Own your year!

Series Includes:  

  •  Inspired by Black Panther movie - "I want the Throne"
  • The Rise Series- "Break to the Next Level"  
  • Be Great or Stay Home Series- "Strong Mind Strong Action"  
  • inpired by Batman Return movie- "Embracing who you are"  
  • Inspired by Robin Hood - "Fight for greater"  
  •  Inspired by Creed 2 - "Dangerous against Danger"  


The 30 Day Dream Builder Challenge

YES! The book that went BESTSELLER on Amazon is now a full course with daily challenges, daily videos, and daily audios.

This course is about getting you to a place of action and fully taking control of your life and being released from survival mode. We're going to take you on a journey of learning exactly why you've been stuck at one level for so long and the actions you need to take in order to get to the next level.

Words Taylor gets very personal and vulnerable during this particular course because he literally started creating this content as he was working his way out of a deficit and getting his family out of a basement, off of foodstamps, out of the "payday advance cycle", and to a place of peace. These are the EXACT steps he took.

"The Big Three" Confidence|Clarity|Control

Every thing you want in life will come from the principles taught in "The Big Three" video course. This absolutely the most intense 60 days that you will ever experience. These are foundational when it comes to achieving goals, overcoming self doubt, fear, rejection, and truly beginning to devlop better habits for your life.

this course will help you fursther define your mission, your values, and you

-Confidence is made up of your Subconscious, sight, and speech.

-Clarity about Breaking habits, Building a path to your goals, ad creating Belief in your plan.

-Control We will teach how to create a Plan, Pursue and execute the Plan, and Persevere through the adversity that come with the plan.

When you complete this phase you will have learned whom you are, your purpose, and have built a foundation within you that the world will no longer be able to tamper with.  

You will no longer allow your insecurities to make decisions for you. This is the foundation of Owning your year and acheiving success PERIOD.  

The 90 Day Power Move

For Dream Builders to turn their dreams into reality, they must have the courage to exercise POWER over ANY situation that can prevent or project success. 

Words Taylor will DARE Dream Builders to be courageous and sacrifice 90 days of their truth to move steadfast towards making their dreams a reality.  

Through this Dare you will break free of your current level and create the momentum needed to grow in four different areas of your life  

Community - the people around you that will influence your decisions  

Capital - the money you need to fund the dream and the life you want to live.  

Care - the activity that you do deliberately in order to take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health.  

Craft - we’re going to create the blueprint for your business and define exactly how to grow and begin to create income.

Get access to ALL of the courses for only $20 per month. 

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Your Memberships Also Comes With:

Perks DBN Private Community

Have access to the Dream Builder Nation Private Community that provides accountability, support and a family that wants to see you WIN!

Perks Weekly Live Webinars

Have Weekly Live Webinars with Words Taylor and his team of coaches and Experience weekly Trainings and Q&A.

Perks Weekly Dare

You will get a Weekly Dare that creates another level of execution. Can't pass up a Dare!

Perks The Motivation Vault

You will also have access to Words Taylor's motivational vault. All the videos you love in one place.

Real People Getting Real Results from the Motivation, the courses, and the group.

JUST IMAGINE ​ Having a new idea and knowing exactly where to start Waking up doing what you love every day and being valued for it. Feeling confident in the decisions you’re making for your life because you know your desired outcomes and how to achieve them Completing an idea from start to finish and having lives enhanced because of your ideas. Feeling prepared, all the dots are connecting and there is a clear path to your goals Being in charge of your habits and conquering self-doubt, fear, and procrastination Taking control of your barriers and feeling like a beast when you defeat them.