Personality Passport Assessment

Get access to the Personality Evaluation : Know your Super Powers and start to live life with purpose & on your own terms.

Does this sound familiar?  

You start building on your vision, get some traction, but somehow it either never pans out or it crumbles just when you thought you were on to something.  

It's affected your well being because after a while, deep down you begin to question your worth and self doubt starts to settle in.

Everywhere you look it seems like other people know the secret to success, and you think, if only someone would lay it out step by step.  

 Well, it's time for you to uncover your super power and begin taking control of your life. 

We teamed up withthe #1 Motivational Speaker in the world, Eric Thomas, to be able to provide a tool of this Caliber.

In as little as ten minutes you're going to have the answers to unlock yourself from this level. Are You Ready?


I want to Know My Super Powers

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Wondering if it's worth it? Watch this...

Show Me My Super Powers

This Personality Evaluation is for you if...

  • You've been stuck for too long on one level and are ready to break FREE!
  • You truly want to know the REAL you on a deeper level.
  • You know you Deserve more from life, and you're Ready to learn exactly how to get it.

I wanted more from life... So I created more. It's your time!

Not sure you can do this? I've got a story for you...

I remember in 2004 at Iowa State University I enetered a talent show to do Spoken Word Poetry.

I stepped on the stage nervous and afraid. I felt this way mostly because I spent a large portion of my life in self doubt and feeling insecure about who I was.

When I left that stage, I felt like superman. I felt empowered and like I someone just unleashed something in me that I didn't realize was there.

That moment, I found my voice and it shaped my path. I was no longer was lead by what the world thought about me, but by the belief that I had in myself.

You may ask why this moment was so powerful, and it was because for the first time I knew why I was put on this earth. I understd me on a DEEPER LEVEL.

In this series, I want to create this same moment with you. I want to reveal exactly what's needed in order for you to break through and truly understand why you're here

So... are you in?

YES, I'm Ready To Know My Super Powers