In this Five Day Video series, get Clear steps to reach your goals, Take Charge of the ideas in your head, and Reclaim control over your life.

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I'm ready to take control

Who is Words Taylor??

I'm Words Taylor, Spoken Word Poet, Motivational Speaker, Amazon Best Selling Author, and Dream Builder. The titles I'm most proud of are: being a Believer, Husband, and Father. I've been in the business of inspiring and igniting hope in people since 2004. I have traveled the country performing and even touch one of the biggest stages for speakers; the TEDex stage. 

I took control of my life 4 Years ago when I had my wife and five month old daughter sleeping in the basement of a friend’s home after losing our house. We were caught in a cycle of going to “Check into Cash” frequently and constantly having lights and water cut off. I set us up to lose and we lost.  

One of the hardest things that I had to understand is that I was a part of the problem. My insecurities were a part of the problem; my anger, resentment, and lack of effort in life were the problems. My success didn’t happen until I stopped searching for someone else to blame and realized that I have the power to take back control of my own life.  

My desire is that you understand how truly powerful you are. I desire that you know that the world has been stealing from you, and it’s time to Wake Up.

In this Challenge You will Gain Confidence in your goal and yourself, clarity in the steps, in control in the system you create. Let's get it!

I'm ready to take control